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Bucket ties Double End Snap Trailor Ties Hay Bag - Cordura
#246 Bucket Ties
Our Price: $4.50
#350 Hay Bag
Our Price: $11.95
Bucket ties are great for many uses.  Good to use at shows when you are not sure how long of a tie you will need to hang water or feed buckets.  Made from 5/8 inch round nylon with brass hardware.  Measures 28 inches from tip to tip (includes the hardware). Our trailor ties are 15" long with brass snaps on both ends. Can be used for hanging buckets or keep a gate closed.
Our hay bags are made of cordura nylon and have 2 d-rings on the top to hang in your trailor or stall. The length is 20 inches long from the D ring, and 18 inches wide at the top and tapers down to 14 inches wide at the bottom. The diameter of the hole for eating hay is approximately 6 inches. Made in America by Nanci.
Manure Fork Head Only Slow Feed Hay Bag
#351 Slow Feed Hay Bag
Our Price: $32.95

These manure forks are made especially for minis. The pronges are closer together to keep the mini manure from slipping through. Pronges are 3/8 inches apart and the actual fork head measures 10 inches wide by 10 inches long.

We do not sell the handle due to the packaging and cost for mailing . You may purchase a handle at any local feed or hardware store. Screw and bolt included.

The slow feed hay bag is made of 1" webbing with 2" by 2" opening which slows your mini down when eating hay.  Adjustable hanging straps have snaps at both ends to close the top. There is a strap on the back to secure the hay bag to the trailor or stall to keep it from turning.  Black only.   18" wide by 22" long.