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Chart for Measuring for a Harness Chart for Measuring for a Harness

When measuring for a harness, we need the following measurements.  Also, please include the height of your mini/pony.

A. Corner of the mouth, over the poll to the other corner of the mouth.

B. Girth measurement...all the way around where the saddle of the harness sits.

C.  From the saddle to the dock of the tail.

Rubber Rein Stops #322 Rubber Rein Stops

Black rubber rein stops used on driving lines to keep the martingale from moving too close to the bit.  Sold as a pair.

Our Price: $2.00
Fleece Harness Saddle Pad #330 Fleece Harness Saddle Pad

The saddle pad for the harness is 3" wide by 15" long. The pad has a velcro strap on each end to attach to the saddle. Also has a loop in the middle that attaches to the water hook on the saddle to help keep it in place.
Made in America.

Our Price: $9.95
Harness Show Pad-Black #329 Harness Show Pad-Black

The show pad is for use under show harnesses.  It is not as bulky but still offers protection from rubbing etc. 3 3/4" wide by 14" long.  Has 2 velcro tabs to attach to the harness saddle and a tab to go over the water hook to hold it in place.  Black only.

Our Price: $10.50
Harness Fleece Breast Collar Pad #332 Harness Fleece Breast Collar Pad

The fleece breast collar pad is 2 1/2" wide by 26" long.  It also velcros' onto the breast collar at both ends.  Pictured are both the saddle pad and the breast collar pad so you can see the difference in width and length between the two. The longer pad is the breast collar pad.

Our Price: $10.95
Crocheted Ear Veil-Bonnett #345-D Crocheted Ear Veil-Bonnett

The crocheted ear bonnets are made for the driving horse to use under the bridle.  Keeps bugs off the ears while driving.  Size is made for the miniature horse from 30" tall up to 38"  or taller.  Comes with a throatlatch tie to keep it in place under the bridle.

Our Price: $10.95
Waffle Therapeutic Saddle Pad #333 Waffle Therapeutic Saddle Pad

Perforated saddle pad is filled with closed cell foam and will not absorb sweat or water as the fleece pads will.  The 1" thick pad has the ability to absorb more pressure also. The waffle therapeutic saddle pad is 3" wide by 15" long.  The saddle pad is the top picture and the shortest pad.  The longer pad is for the breast collar pad which is listed separate. Black only.

Our Price: $11.95
Russet Leather Hand Holds #324 Russet Leather Hand Holds

Russett Hand Holds for driving lines.  Great for children and arthritic adults.  Buckle onto your existing driving lines.  Sold as a pair.

Our Price: $12.95
Waffle Therapeutic Breast Collar Pad #334 Waffle Therapeutic Breast Collar Pad

The waffle breast collar pad measures 2 1/2"wide  by 22" long

Our Price: $12.95
Caveson #303 Caveson

Harness caveson is available in regular leather or patent leather.

Our Price: $15.50
Running Martingale #318 Running Martingale

Leather Martingale is easily adjustable with a buckle to shorten or lengthen.  Made of quality black leather.

Our Price: $16.50
Patent Leather Martingale #318-P Patent Leather Running Martingale

Patent leather martingale with chrome or brass hardware.  Easily adjustable for desired length with a buckle and also a snap to snap onto your girth.

Our Price: $24.50
#328 Thimbles (2)

Thimbles cup over the end of the cart shafts and attach back to the saddle of the harness to stabalize the cart.

Our Price: $28.50
Elastic Side Reins #319 Elastic Side Reins

Russett elastic side reins.  Snaps on both ends with buckles on each rein for adjustment.   Sold as a pair. Each side rein adjusts from 20" to 25" which includes the snaps on both ends.

Our Price: $29.50
Harness Bag #341 Harness Bag

This harness bag is 31" long by 19" wide. It has a 5" gusset on the bottom and sides to expand. The top of the bag has wire across the top to keep it from folding from the weight of the harness when you hang it up.  The zipper opens on the top by the handle.  It has 6 plastic snaps to attach various harness part to and a pocket on the outside to hold accessories for your harness.

Our Price: $69.95