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Train Your Miniature Horse to Drive #149 Train Your Miniature Horse to Drive

An outstanding instructional book for teaching a miniature horse to drive. Includes many tips for choosing the right horse, working in a round pen, teaching sensitivity and responsiveness, learning to long-line and ground drive. The author gives important information on selecting and using equipment, understanding side reins and bits, the parts of the harness and cart, and other equipment for advanced driving. The book finishes with a full chapter about showing miniature horses and what exhibitors need to know.

The book is filled with excellent photographs and diagrams.184 pages, soft cover, 5.5"x8.5"

Our Price: $24.95
How to Clip a Miniature Horse-By The Clipper Girl #156 How to Clip a Miniature Horse-By The Clipper Girl

Presented by " Brooke the Clipper Girl."  Would you like to turn your fuzzy furball into a sculpted work of art?  Does the thought of face shaving make you want to run and hide?  Then this video is for you.  Brooke " The Clipper Girl" shares her tips and tricks for getting the perfect clip each and every time.  Clipping without tracks, contouring difficult areas such as legs, ears and head, planning ahead to make your job easier, as well as equipment choices and maintenance are all covered in the video.  Fine clipping, including shaving, are discussed in detail to help you achieve that perfect sculpted look.  Join Brooke as she demonstrates how to transform your horse from drab to FABULOUS with the right body clipping techniques.

Our Price: $39.95