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Measuring For a Harness Measuring For a Harness

Please measure your mini/pony as shown. A) From the corner of the mouth, over the poll to the other corner of the mouth.   B) Girth measurement.   C) From the withers to the dock of the tail.  This will ensure the proper fit.

Surcingle-Training #298 Surcingle-Training

Our surcingle comes in brown with all the D & O rings perfectly positioned to acheive multiple levels of training.  . Ideal for teaching head position, collection and flexibility.  The nylon with felt backing adjusts from 41" to 50"  girth measurement. The  black neoprene has a girth measurement from 43" to 51".  Please choose the surcingle in the option category.  Imported

Our Price: $29.95
Nylon Harness #294 Nylon Harness

Our nylon harness is made by our harness maker,  not imported.  Comes in black nylon, chrome hardware.  You have a choice of sizes and whether you want overcheck, side check, breeching, or no breeching.

Our Price: $179.95
Leather Bitting Rig-1 Strap Turnback Strap #296 Leather Bitting Rig-1 Strap Turnback Strap

Our Bitting Rig is available in quality russet leather with brass hardware.  Included is an open face bridle (no blinds) with either sidecheck or overcheck, fixed side reins and 3 1/2 inch half cheek driving bit.  Our surcingle  has your choice of 1 strap turnback or 3 strap turnback as pictured...   Lots of D rings for plenty of adjustment for the side reins.  Also included are web longe lines.  Designed by Mike McCabe.  The best bitting rig for minis available.  We also offer just the open bridle with a check and side reins, and the surcingle separate. Listed under harness parts. .

Our Price: $229.95
Beta Harness #275 Beta Harness

The beta harness is a man made material which is soft and feels like leather.  It has a dull finish.  Offered in black with chrome hardware. The square blinds and crown piece are leather as the leather crown piece  molds to the minis head for a better fit.   Complete with breast collar, beta driving lines and 3 1/2" bit.   You may special order brass hardware as we only stock the chrome hardware. This harness is easy to care for. The chrome is also easy care as it does not require polishing.  It is available with either side check or over check. You can also order breeching under options or add both side check and overcheck.    Made in America.

Our Price: $295.00
Pleasure Harness Leather #264 Pleasure Harness Leather

Our pleasure harness has been on the market for over 25 years, with great results.  Customers report they have used it almost every day for years and also show in it with little wear.

The harness saddle has patent leather overlay on the top of the saddle, patent leather on the blinds with a wire winker brace on the blinds.  It also has box loops on the bridle.  Driving lines are russett and black leather combination.  A 3 1/2 inch half cheek snaffle bit is included.  It does not come with a martingale or caveson.

Our Price: $345.00
Russet Harness #276 Russet Harness

Russet harness is made of quality russet leather,  with all russet driving lines. Pictured with D shape blinds and sidecheck.

Our Price: $425.00
All Patent Show Harness #268 All Patent Show Harness

All patent show harness comes with either sidecheck or overcheck, or both checks, brass or chrome hardware and 3 sizes, extra small, fitting minis under 30 inches tall.  We do not stock the extra small as we suggest a girth and bridle measurement as even the smaller minis vary.  "A size fitting over 31 inches tall to approximately 35 inches.  "B" fits over 35" or 36 inch minis to 39 inch tall.   A martingale and caveson is not included.  The Bridle has a wire winker brace, D shape blinds with a box keeper on the cheek. You may also choose  square or D shape blinds as pictured. The driving lines are russet/black combination.  Pictured is the overcheck bridle.   Made in America.

Our Price: $445.00
Western Country Show Harness #272 Western Country Show Harness

Black leather  western style show harness. Silver/gold combination on the  buckles, keepers and conchos on the saddle, breast collar and bridle. The bridle has a matching gold/silver bar.   Buckle in traces and either a girth with wrap straps or french tugs.. Martingale is included  The mini  is Rocking M Blues Bottoms Up  with Anna Anglen from Daystar Farm. Hackett, Arkansas.  More close up photos to follow.  Please email measurements of the head for the correct fit of the bridle.  From the corner of the mouth, over the poll to the other corner of the mouth. Also the girth measurement.  Made in America.

Our Price: $695.00
Leather Show Harness Leather Show Harness

This harness is made just like the rolled show harness, but the leather is not rolled....it is flat leather of the same quality.   It comes with both sidecheck and overcheck, martingale, buckle in traces and your choice of piping color.

Our Price: $695.00
Rolled Show Harness #273 Rolled Show Harness

The rolled show harness comes with buckle in traces, both side check and over check, patent martingale, separate cavesson, french tugs ( or you have the option of a girth with wrap straps).  The driving lines are rolled in russet/black combination.  The piping color is on the browband, the cavesson noseband, breast collar and the saddle. Both the D shape blinds and square blinds are pictured.  Made in America.

Our Price: $795.00
Russet Western Show Harness #271 Russet Western Show Harness

Russet western show harness is made of quality russet leather with silver/gold conchos on the breast collar and saddle. Gold/silver bar on the browband.  Comes with a sidecheck,  buckle in traces, and martingale.  Made in America.

Our Price: $795.00