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Rubber Bell Boots White Only #161 Rubber Bell Boots White Only


Shipping Boots set of 4 #169-S Shipping Boots set of 4

Close out on this group of shipping boots.  Set of 4.  6 1/2" tall by 9 1/2" long.   2 Velcro closures and lined with fleece.

Our Price: $9.50
Bell Boots #160 Bell Boots

Bell Boots (pair) Used to protect the coronary band of the hoof. Black only.

Our Price: $9.95
Polo Wraps  set of 4 #167 Polo Wraps set of 4

A quality fleece wrap for jumping or extra protection. Elastic support combined with fleece make this a great bandage for support and protection of the cannon bone/fetlock area. Velcro, quick grip closures.  3" wide by 6 Ft. long.   Set of 4.  Imported.

Our Price: $14.95
Splint Boots #164 Splint Boots

Splint boots are sold as a pair.  Colors available vary on availability.  Black is usually in stock.

Our Price: $14.95
White Leather Roadster Boots #163 White Leather Roadster Boots

Leather bell boots are made of leather and used mostly for roadster classes.   Made in America.

Our Price: $21.95
Shipping Boots Set of 4 #169 Shipping Boots Set of 4

Heavy denier nylon with nylon web binding.  9" tall by 12" wide.  Each boot has 2 velcro quick grip closures.  Set of 4 boots.

Our Price: $22.50
Paw Be Gone #221 Paw Be Gone

Teach your mini to stand quietly without pawing. Bands easily slide over leg and stay secure with elastic loop.  Band hits coronet band when mini paws, making it uncomfortable to continue pawing.  Heavy steel.  (2) per set.

Our Price: $22.50
Weighted Bell Boots #162 Weighted Bell Boots

Made of black or brown  leather with 8 ounce weights in each boot.  Illegal to use on AMHA or AMHR show grounds. The weighted bell boots are made the same way as the white roadster boots which are pictured.  The leather is rolled on the top to offer protection to the fetlock area. Some horses are more sensitive than others, so you should be sure they are not rubbing or causing irritation.  Sold in pairs (2)  .  Made in America.

Our Price: $24.50
Sports Boots #159 Sports Boots

One piece design provides extra support.  Made of neoprene.  Quick grip closures keep the boots firmly in place. Black  only.  Sold as a pair.

Our Price: $25.50