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French Link Stainless Steel Driving bit with Copper Link Chart to convert Bits from inches to centimeters Bit Snaps
#125 Bit Snaps (2)
Our Price: $1.50
The stainless steel french link bit comes with a copper link and stainless mouthpiece.  4" DUE IN STOCK BY JUNE 5, 2017 3 1/2" = 8.9 cm
3 3/4" = 9.5cm
4" = 10.2cm
A great training aid.  Clip onto your existing halter and then clip a bit on the end for bit training a green horse.  You may find other uses for these also.  Comes as a pair.  When ordering you will receive 2.
Hackamore Stainless Steel Overcheck Bit Copper Mouth Overcheck Bit stainless steel
Stainless steel miniature horse hackamore.  Fits the larger minis over 34". Copper mouth overcheck bit. Stainless steel overcheck bit.
Tom Thumb Riding Bit Eggbut Snaffle Bit Full Cheek Snaffle Bit
#56 Tom Thumb Riding Bit
Our Price: $23.95
#50 Eggbut Snaffle Bit
Our Price: $22.95
Stainless steel with copper mouth. Stainless steel eggbut snaffle bit.  Perfect for riding. Stainless Steel full cheek Snaffle bit.
Mullen Butterfly Bit - Reversible French Link Butterfly Driving Bit Liverpool Snaffle Bit
Stainless Steel mullen butterfly bit.  This bit is reversible.  A  heavier bit than the french link butterfly bit. Stainless Steel french link butterfly driving bit with copper link.  4" DUE IN STOCK BY JUNE 5, 2017 2 Slot liverpool snaffle bit.  Made of stainless steel.  Complete with hooks and chin chain.  4" DUE IN STOCK BY JUNE 5, 2017
Liverpool Mullen Mouth Bit Copper Mullen Bit non pinch Mullen Nickel Driving Bit
Stainless steel liverpool mullen mouth bit.  With hooks and chin chain.  2 slot shanks.  4" DUE IN STOCK BY JUNE 5, 2017 Copper mullen stainless steel bit is available in 1 size only.....3 3/4" This bit is made of nickel, not stainless steel.  Good bit to see if your mini works with the mullen mouth.
Rubber Straight Mouth Bit Copper Mullen Driving Bit Miniature horse Boucher Snaffle Driving Bit
Miniature Horse rubber mouth straight bit.  One size only Miniature Horse copper mouth, stainless steel  mullen bit   Available in 3 sizes.
Half Cheek Snaffle Driving Bit-Nickel Twisted Wire Snaffle Driving Bit Copper Non Pinch Snaffle Driving Bit
Miniature Horse Nickel plated driving bit.  An inexpensive driving bit. Available in 3 miniature horse sizes. Copper non pinch bit.  Available in 3 sizes.
French Link Copper Driving Bit
French link copper driving bit.  Available in 3 sizes. One of our best selling bits.